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Branding Your Business Successfully



The act of identifying ownership by marking livestock with fire-heated marks, dates to the ancient Egyptians. Branding your business is a big, recent buzzword that we hear more and more because it’s just as necessary. Branding is communicating a promise to your customer that they can expect from your products what you say they will.   It should also distinguish your business from your competition in a way that’s unique to you. But how do you do that successfully?



 You have no doubt given your business considerable thought in terms of what goods and branding2services you will offer your customers. But how much consideration have you given to your messaging? In other words, who you are, and how do people perceive you. If your current branding h
asn’t done as much for you as you’d like, you may want to take a step back and get an understanding of your client’s perception and experience with your brand which will give you a better idea how to adjust it.



branding3Your business is more than likely birthed from a personal passion, or the opportunity to bring in revenue. It may also provide an opportunity to fulfill a public need. Whether it’s need, or passion, your branding should focus on planting that single idea in the customer’s mind. This type of focus will connect the customer’s experience with your story (or purpose). In other words, when your brand is consistent, and clear it doesn’t blur the vision of your business.



Buzzwords like “mompreneur” are cool, at least for now. The problem is the more popular they become, the less unique they are in the future. If you define your business with one of these trendy words now, you may be faced with having to come up with entirely different branding down the line.

Since, like many companies you will rely on word-of-mouth to drive business your way, make sure your messaging is simple and easy for people to spread the word. A way to check to see if your messaging is “spreadable” is to boil it down to a one or two sentence logline. If you can’t do it, chances are the public can’t either. To determine if you’ve done it correctly, keep in mind that a great logline for your business is one that clearly defines what you offer and provides a “hook” (something that makes them interested).

Branding is one of the most important aspects of any business as it is the heartbeat of your business. Starting off with these tips, and/or getting assistance from a specialist in this area will make your branding stand out and stand strong.



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