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4 Reasons to Consider Hiring a Social Media Expert

Juggling Social Media

You’re a multi-talented small business owner used to wearing many hats. You’re also familiar enough with Facebook to stay in the loop with your friends and share an occasional post.  You know by now the many benefits of incorporating social media in your business.  So what’s the big deal about managing it yourself?


Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Tumblr – The social network list is growing while at the same time others are becoming passé.  It takes a fair amount of research (aka time) to figure out which social media platform is hot these days and out of those which is best for you.  A social media expert can take on that task by helping you determine the best types of social media networks would benefit you best as well as recommend the type of content to include.  They will remove this time burden away from you and you can get on with running your business and doing the thing you love which is why you turned it into a business in the first place. A social media expert will set up your social media accounts, and get great content pushed out to your audience on a consistent basis.           


After determining the type of social media that best suits your business the task of planning how to execute your content is crucial to the success of your social media efforts.  Social media experts can help you strategically plan your social media campaigns based on your wants and needs as well as when to make your content “live”.  You’ll definitely want to take advantage of major holidays like Christmas and Labor Day as well as other days that are related to your company.

Social media experts can help you plan in advance and set up automatic posting so you never miss out on a holiday opportunity.  They can also monitor key information on your competitors which will not only help you stay one step ahead of your competitors but also offer something they are not


If your expertise is not in graphic art or marketing social media, an expert can create professional looking content that communicates your brand and is suited for your audience.  Frequent blog posts will definitely increase your SEO standing, but requires a considerable amount of time to come up with creative content on a regular basis, not to mention the skill required to write them.   Social media experts can provide content for you.  Another benefit to blogging about topics that relate to your business is that they will cause you to become a resource for all things related to your product or service and to be seen as more knowledgeable than your competitors who don’t blog.


To be certain you can get great content out to a large audience using social media, but what if it’s not the RIGHT audience?  After putting time and effort into your social media projects it’s easy to feel that your efforts were in vain when you don’t even know if it’s working. Your social media expert can monitor traffic, evaluate engagement, and make appropriate changes based on measurements social media channels provide.  They will take on the never-ending task of seeing what is working and fixing what isn’t.

It’s reported that social media is now the #1 media that the average American engages with on a daily basis.  You may discover that several social media platforms would benefit you –  Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram,blog posting on your website and how-to videos on your own YouTube channel – all of which a social media expert can handle for you.

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