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Social Media vs Networking Soirees

Social Media vs Networking Soirees

You know you should go to at least some of the networking opportunities that fill your social calendar, but to be honest, these events aren’t really your thing. More times than not you feel as though your elevator pitch comes off too “pitchy”, you rarely get a response from all the business cards you handed out and the entire time you’re there you’re thinking about all the work you have to do for your business. Luckily you can spare yourself all this by giving your business a strong social media presence online.


Posting on social media allows you to say all the things you wish you had said at the networking event but forgot. A thoughtful social media campaign not only allows you to craft your message to say exactly what you want people to know but you will be able to speak directly to an interested audience.

Social Media vs Networking Soirees - e-pollSocial networks gather a huge amount of user information for you to access. Geo-targeting is the most efficient way of connecting to your specific demographic. Sites like Facebook and Twitter contain tools that allow you to target potential clients by factoring criteria like age, gender, relationship status, interests, behavior, education, location and more.

Social media is a perfect vehicle to show off your best asset – you. So don’t forget to have fun and be creative.

• Use eye-catching images.

• Post quizzes or polls.

By engaging your audience in a fun and personable way you will then be able to establish a friendly, trusting relationship with them. Gathering their contact information is key to sharing promos and sales with them in the future.


Social Media vs Networking SoireesSocial media marketing programs allow you a more proactive and far-reaching approach to getting the word out about what you do. These sites act as an electronic word of mouth platform for people you’ve connected with to “retweet” or “repost” content you create. The obvious benefit – their comments and the comments of others who comment on their comments and so on and so on are all talking about you. These valuable e-introductions made locally and nationally via social media will bring much more traffic your way than you could ever get by hanging a shingle and hope to get noticed.


Social Media vs Networking SoireesWhen you use social media to promote yourself you are making an impact right away and you’re also creating an opportunity to make a positive lasting impression. Things happen quickly in the world of social media and no doubt you’ll love the immediate gratification of all those public favorable comments pouring in. However, positive feedback is not the only the only feedback you’ll receive on social media. You’ll also get some complaints for all to see as well. The good news about finding out about valid problems and concerns quickly is that you can address them right away and strengthen your reputation. Business owners who address criticism promptly and sincerely will be noticed by their social media audience and may receive much love.

Social media doesn’t replace networking in person but if your goal is to uniquely showcase your business, connect with people who want what you have to offer, and collect their contact information all in a short amount of time, you will want to strongly consider using social media.

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