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Lights, Camera… Take Action!

3 video marketing ideas for your business

There’s just something about moving pictures that print can’t quite capture.  If you’ve been considering video marketing to attract a larger potential client base maybe now’s the time for  you to take “action”.

Lights Camera Action

Video marketing is a fast growing modern advertising method that increases brand visibility by showcasing what you offer in a variety of ways: instructional videos, product demonstrations, tutorials, and the list goes on.  Here are three fantastic ideas to make your marketing video debut a hit!

Put Your Best Face Forward

Why not be the “star” of your own video marketing campaign?  The fact is no one can explain your business better than you, will have more passion, or more understanding of how your business works.  This is definitely the best video style to toot your own horn with an impressive “about us” video.   Other information you may want to share is what inspired you to create your business, and what unique quality sets you apart from your competition. Your personal human touch, as well as your personality and display of obvious sincerity can be the very thing that gains the trust of your viewers. 

Let Others Do the Talking

If you happen to be on the “camera shy” side, no worries.  You can always hire an acting student, or (if you have a budget or connections) a professional actor or celebrity to endorse your business or product. Another way to avoid the limelight is testimonials.   Potential customers considering doing business with you can be greatly reassured by seeing video testimonials of satisfied customers, which are more authentic than written testimonials with photos.  On-screen interviews are another great option.  And as far as casting goes, you’ll probably find several willing people who have always wanted to be in front of the camera and will actually do a very good job.

Say it with Humor!Selfie Dogs Couple

Most of shared internet and social media content is videos. To boost the chances of your video marketing campaign going viral you may want to consider videos that are fun to watch.  The perfect blend of creativity and humor can really bring attention to your business and increase your fan base. This video style can require a bit of professional expertise in conceptualizing and animating if you go in that direction, but it’s well worth the effort if your goal is to set your business apart from the rest!

Whatever video idea you decide on is bound to be a beneficial investment for your company.  Video content viewership is increasing year after year, so obviously there’s no business like show business. Let that business be yours!

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