• AL

    Al's experience comes from Advertising, Digital Marketing, and Sales Development. Over the last 20 years, he's developed key marketing and sales strategies tailored to help businesses grow. These strategies focus on small to medium businesses and specialize in helping them understand their finances in relation to marketing strategies.

    Simply put, Al knows exactly how to help small business focus on what really matters -- their growth and ROI.

    In 2013, Al co-founded Stillwater Agency, where he functioned as the company's CEO until he made the decision to start a venture of his own in 2015. Thus, Gold Coast was born. Here, he focuses on providing comprehensive services to small business owners. Al is passionate about helping little clients market like the big guys do. At this, he excels.


    Vikki is proud to be partner and co-founder here at Gold Coast. She's involved in almost everything we do. Most of all, she assists the team in bringing success to each of our clients.

    Apart from a fear of heights, she's a perfect human being and not too bad at customer service either.

    With over five years experience in Social Media Management and Social Advertising, she's the person to turn to when you need something done.

  • MIKE

    Mike is a Marketing Rep. He joined the Gold Coast team to help clients grow their business. He has experience in construction and over 30 years working in the home services industry. He helps out many of our home improvement clients.

    His education background is in Architecture and Business and he's always handled marketing or managing wherever he's been at.

    Mike loves classic cars and working in his yard. He grew up in San Fernando Valley and now lives in Murrieta with his beautiful wife. He has five children and eleven grandchildren. Because of his construction background and large family, we call him The Godfather.

  • BILL

    Bill is a Marketing Representative and Photographer here at Gold Coast. He's a keen bowler and golfer but most of all, he loves helping clients to grow their business. He's at his happiest with research in one hand and a Kit Kat in the other.

    One day, he says he'll own a '63 Split Window Stingray -- his favorite car in the entire world.


    Makayla graduated from high school top of her class in 2015. She studies Business Administration, with a focus in marketing, at Point Loma University.

    She says she thrives at Gold Coast because we allow her to be creative and contribute new ideas. She's always loved working with clients on anything related to social media.

    Makayla acts as a project manager and oversees many aspects of social media production. Her avid use of social media has given her a keen insight into how social media platforms can be used to create a unique image with a loyal following.

    She also loves volleyball, going to concerts, and following the latest fashion trends.

    Creative Director
    Carrie is our lead Website and graphic designer. She has over 20 years of experience and graduated with a certificate in web design and a printing/graphic degree.
    In her spare time she loves spending time with her family and watching her son play baseball and her daughter sing.

    ToiJuan  Director of Video Production

    He has fifteen years of experience in video and film editing. His experience ranges from editor of PBS’s Next Home to feature film, YouTube videos, and video marketing. Taught video.

    Toi Juan trained at Video Symphony, graduating over a decade ago and has not stopped editing since. He also has a BA degree in Business from the University of LaVerne.  His first project was an infomercial that aired. Ignorance is bliss because he didn’t know what an accomplishment that was for a first project. Next he edited a feature film. It was a re-cut, but that lead him to editing a documentary named “The Ultimate Song”, which was well received at festivals. He later edited his first full feature film “Asha, Lisa and Diane”. This lead to editing a series of feature length comedy shows. His knowledge expanded and allowed him to work on a host of independent projects, ie. “Slangin’ The Bard”, “Proud To Be Cape Verdean”, “Sistaah Friend”, “Monster Mutt”, “Jack The Reaper”, “Trailer Park of Terror”, “I Am Somebody” directed by Aki Aleong, the award winning web-series “Kid Justice” and many music videos including “Keep On Lovin’ You” by Seidah Garret to mention just a few. To his credit, Toi Juan has worked for E!, The NFL Network, and the award-winning nighttime TV show, “Conan”.  His latest accomplishments include the editing of nine episodes of the upcoming half-hour, sit-com series “Basketball Wife”, written and produced by Emmy award-winning, Michael Ajakwe, producing and editing a home improvement TV show, Next Home, a 13 episode series and editor for a Faith-based Suspense feature named “As Evil Does”, written and directed by award-winning Yolanda Buggs.

    Throughout his career, Toi Juan has many other credits to his name. These credits include Assistant Editor on Speed Racer and The Watchman, Camera Operator on Jack The Reaper and Going Pro, Online Editor, Colorist for the award-winning Amexica and Little Miss Dewie, Post Production Supervisor and Producer for Kid Justice, Sistaah Friend and Spirits. Toi Juan also works closely with the LA WebFest, also know as the Sundance of web festivals. During Toi Juan’s editing career, he was an instructor at Video Symphony, a premiere college for training in post-production. Toi Juan is an Avid Certified Instructor and developed training curriculum called “Real-Life Post” where clients bring projects to his class. Toi Juan has trained hundreds of editors and has been a Post Supervisor to more than 100 projects. As a last note, Toi Juan is on the teaching staff for USC.

    Toi Juan’s motivation in all of his work has always been the pursuit of excellence through TRUTH.


  • Crystal

    Search engines drive most of the internet's traffic and greatly influence how fast a business can grow. That’s why Crystal is so important to us. In the near future, she’ll be taking over the SEO department here at Gold Coast, and it’ll be her job to make sure our clients get the right visitors (and a lot of them!) With a background in web development and marketing, this line of work comes naturally to her.

    Outside of the office, Crystal is a keen cook, mother of two young kids, and also a loving wife. She loves Italian food, especially when she doesn’t have to clean it up after. Crystal finds the time to exercise too. With regular family sports, and a Zumba class here and there, it doesn’t matter how many flights of stairs there are - she’s never out of breath.

  • Gianna

    Gianna is a student at Cal Lutheran University.  She is our intern for video and social media.  In her spare time she loves playing tennis. 

  • Chris Malone
    Chris Malone
    Marketing Representative

    Chris is an experienced marketing representative. He loves working with clients to help them grow their business. 


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