TOIJUANDirector of Video Production

Toi Juan has fifteen years of experience in video and film editing. His experience ranges from editor of PBS’s Next Home to feature film, YouTube videos, and video marketing.

Toi Juan trained at Video Symphony, graduating over a decade ago and has not stopped editing since. He also has a BA degree in Business from the University of LaVerne.  His first project was an infomercial that aired. Ignorance is bliss because he didn’t know what an accomplishment that was for a first project. Next, he edited a feature film. It was a re-cut, but that lead him to editing a documentary named “The Ultimate Song”, which was well received at festivals. He later edited his first full feature film “Asha, Lisa, and Diane”. This lead to editing a series of feature length comedy shows. His knowledge expanded and allowed him to work on a host of independent projects, ie. “Slangin’ The Bard”, “Proud To Be Cape Verdean”, “Sistaah Friend”, “Monster Mutt”, “Jack The Reaper”, “Trailer Park of Terror”, “I Am Somebody” directed by Aki Aleong, the award winning web-series “Kid Justice” and many music videos including “Keep On Lovin’ You” by Seidah Garret to mention just a few. To his credit, Toi Juan has worked for E!, The NFL Network, and the award-winning nighttime TV show, “Conan”.  His latest accomplishments include the editing of nine episodes of the upcoming half-hour, sit-com series “Basketball Wife”, written and produced by Emmy award-winning, Michael Ajakwe, producing and editing a home improvement TV show, Next Home, a 13 episode series and editor for a Faith-based Suspense feature named “As Evil Does”, written and directed by award-winning Yolanda Buggs.

Throughout his career, Toi Juan has many other credits to his name. These credits include Assistant Editor on Speed Racer and The Watchman, Camera Operator on Jack The Reaper and Going Pro, Online Editor, Colorist for the award-winning Amexica and Little Miss Dewie, Post Production Supervisor and Producer for Kid Justice, Sistaah Friend and Spirits. Toi Juan also works closely with the LA WebFest, also know as the Sundance of web festivals. During Toi Juan’s editing career, he was an instructor at Video Symphony, a premier college for training in post-production. Toi Juan is an Avid Certified Instructor and developed training curriculum called “Real-Life Post” where clients bring projects to his class. Toi Juan has trained hundreds of editors and has been a Post Supervisor to more than 100 projects. As a last note, Toi Juan is on the teaching staff for USC.

Toi Juan’s motivation in all of his work has always been the pursuit of excellence through TRUTH.