Gold Coast Media has been incredible to work with. We started working with them about 6 months ago and they have increased our amount of internet leads tremendously!  For a few years we have used other marketing companies that would promise great results for our pay per click campaign and organic postings. But they just never seemed to be able to deliver very good results. I started to lose hope that the Internet even worked for advertising with in our industry. Even though I knew it had to work it is the way of the future. But we kept throwing money at it with minimal results. Then Al came our way from Gold Coast Media and looked over what we were doing on the Internet. He dug in and did some research on our internet presence even before we met the first time. With that he was able to show me and how bad our internet presence was and why we weren’t getting much results from it. He then went into a plan of how he could fix this for us by doing a pay per click campaign, increasing our organic posting and a comprehensive social media plan with videos!  It all sounded wonderful but honestly I was a bit skeptical due to the last two companies results. But we decided to move forward with Al and his recommendations and the results have been great!

The first thing he did was show up to our office with his film crew and we shot lots of footage for many videos he was going to create. Over the last 6 months he has posted 6 new videos to our Facebook. One of the videos has 20,000 hits!  Then over the next couple of months we ramped up the pay per click with him. We spent the same money with him as the previous company and the amount of leads has increased from that as well!  Al and his team are very hands on and contact us regularly to go over ideas on how to continue to increase the lead count for us. Again that is something the last companies never did was stay in constant communication with us. I could continue to go on and on about our great experience with Al and his team this far!  For us it has been the best choice we could have made to switch. He has renewed my faith in the Internet working for our industry! I feel Al and his team are a great group of people to work with!  I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a great marketing company!

Thank you

Brad Cocagne
The Blind Guy – Northern, CA

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