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1. Use Video Subtitles

It’s no secret that video is now bigger than ever on social media. But did you know that according to Digiday, 85% of the videos on Facebook today are watched without sound? With people consuming content on-the-go, in the office, or in school more than ever, subtitles are now a necessity to compete with other social video content.

Additionally, video subtitles allow consumers to remember your content and can also be useful for those who are hard of hearing. No matter what platform you’re using to post video content, Facebook or otherwise, adding subtitles is more valuable than ever.

Even with the clear benefits, adding subtitles to video seems like a lot of work, right? With apps like Clipomatic and Kapwing, adding subtitles to your video content is easier than ever.


2. Photo Editing

Filters have been a thing since the very first days of Instagram. But the way that users use filters changes with the times. A trend that is currently huge on social media, especially on Instagram, is creating vintage style photos. This can be achieved using a variety of free apps and usually entails adding light leaks, grain, and flecks of dust.

No matter your editing style, consistency is key. Using a consistent filter and color scheme is more important than you’d think. Consumers now more than ever use social media profiles to create their first impressions of brands and an unorganized grid can turn a consumer off instantly.


3. Use Memes

Using memes can be a great way to connect with your audience in a really cost-effective way. Because memes contain such familiar content, they appear much more native in a user’s timeline, compared to an ad or branded post. They also stand out among other forms of content because they use humor and relatability to engage with viewers and build a community of followers as opposed to an audience.

Memes are created out of other people’s content and aren’t known for their high-end design qualities, so don’t be afraid to create a meme of your own with a twist that relates to your brand. ImgFlip and Giphy are both great platforms to use to quickly and easily create a meme.

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