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What is Facebook  ad/marketing funnel? How can it help my business and customer base? How can I use funnels for my advantage? How do they relate to my Facebook Ads? These are many questions that may be floating through your mind. With so many complexities even savvy marketers can get lost in the proper setup and execution of funnel.

So let’s go over it, together!

To start, let’s ask ourselves, what truly is a marketing funnel?

A funnel is a tool used to help you more easily understand how your leads turn into customers, through a marketing (or sales) process. A funnel can be used to represent your customer’s’ journey. The customer can either travel further through the funnel, when their interest in your product or business increases, or they can exit the funnel, when their interest decreases. Funnels are there to help you better understand your customer’s journey, their interests and how you can improve their experience, so that every customer goes through the full funnel and converts into a scale.

However, funnels are not one singular thing. There are many stages of a funnel that can be different for each business, product or company. Generally, there are five stages of a funnel.

Let’s break them down


Step 1: Attract & Build

Increasing audience awareness is an essential first step in your funnel! There are people out there that may not realize they have a need for your product or business. Build awareness by grabbing their attention. This is the time to establish your product or business with this customer base. Lead generation begins here! Draw them in by demonstrating the value your product or business has.

This can be done by using both visual content & well-written attention-grabbing headlines! The right creative content will attract possible customers to what you are selling and keep your customer wanting to know more.

Below is a popular piece of creative that we have done at Gold Coast Media & Consulting:

The number of views, likes and shares help boost interest and reaches out to multiple audiences, not only just the one you’re trying to target. In return, a popular creative may reach out to people that you would not expect would want your product or service.

Step 2: Interest

This stage is where a customers deepens their interest in the product or service you offer. They are learning more about your company, brand and you! They are starting to find a use for what you offer in their daily lives. Your product or service is a solution to one of their problems. This is the start of your developing relationship with your customers. Here, we can nurture the leads, building a deeper connection so that we stay top of mind.

Step 3: Consideration

During this stage, your customers are transforming into qualifying leads. This can be a time to educate them more about your product. Sharing testimonials and product reviews can establish that final piece of trust that your customer needed to move forward. Just keep in mind that you need to be consistent with your creative, assuring each step has your unique brand voice. Remember each piece of creative builds a deeper connection with your consumer.

Step 4: Intent & Evaluation

This is the final stage of nurturing your customer. This stage is where customers make the final decision of whether or not your product or service is the right one for them. During this stage, they will answer their own final questions and realize that your product is what they’ve been missing in their life. This stage solidifies them as a lead and transforms them into a sale and, hopefully, a recurring customer! Presenting a special offer such as a discount or upgrade can be just what the consumer needed to purchase.

Step 5: Sale

You’ve reached it! The final part of your marketing funnel. The beginning of a beautiful relationship. Your customer has surveyed all their options, all of your competitors, and have decided your product or business is the choice for them. Giving customers a positive and helpful experience during this funnel journey can lead to more referrals and overall, more leads and sales.

Let’s recap what you’ve learned

There are many parts that can add to making your funnel great.

  • Strong creative
  • Making sure to target a specific audience
  • Having a good value proposition (making your product attractive to customers)
  • Tracking the right metrics

Everyone’s funnel is different! It is good to remember two key things while going through this process: First set up the creative in your funnel according to your unique brand voice. Second, utilize data to improve the areas where the buyer’s journey might be weak.

Keeping mind that even the best creative will not be effective if your funnel is not set up to attract the right audience. Make sure you have a great understanding of your buyer personas. Be patient and give yourself enough time and budget to properly test.

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